Šárka Štusáková (CZ) - friday males
Ing. Hana Pánková (CZ) - friday females, saturday males
Milada Krchňavá (SK) - saturday females

Šárka Štusáková

kennel Anunnaki - www.anunnaki.cz

Although I didn't have many dogs coming from my own breeding, many of them (besides other things) won Interchampion title, Championship from different countries, European junior winner, Club and Specialty show winners. Some of them are active in sports. There are canistheraphy ones and some have hunting exams.

I am really interested in health problems of our RRs. I have been making a database of them, trying to put people with same problems together, thinking about the sense and the way we are going through with our breeding.
I also attend to work in the Czech Rhodesian Ridgebacks Breeding Club (KCHRR) as main breeding adviser and in 2019 I become also a president of this club. You can find more information about our club on www.kchrr.com.

I became a national judge (breed specialist) after successfully passing the exams in 2012. In 2016 I was recognized by the International Judge F.C.I. I've had an honor to judge international, national, club and specialty show in different countries (Czech republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Australia)    

I have loved all living creatures all my life. Since the early childhood I have been interested in dogs' ethology, their training and breeding. I grew up with a Dalmatian, a Belgian Shepherd cross-breed, Slovakian Chuvach and German Shepherd. They formed my thinking and taught me to love all beings, the art of co-operation and love for Nature. My first ridgeback came to our family in 1996.

Being influenced by all that, it was logical that I have established a kennel in 1998. "ANUNNAKI" (a Sumerian word meaning "those coming from the sky").

Since that I have bred 9 litters of Rhodesian Ridgebacks. 

Hana Pánková

kennel Qwandoya - www.qwandoya.com

My name is Hana Pankova and I live with my partner, two little sons and our ridgebacks near Prague, Czech Republic. I use to have 3-4 breeding bitches at home, but thank to dogs I have made some lovely friendships with nice people that own some of dogs from my breeding, that I have the pleasure to use also in my breeding program.

In 2008 my kennel Qwandoya has been established with goal to breed healthy, quality dogs that are balanced in both character and exterior according to standard. First Qwandoya litter was born in 2010 and that started my breeding passion. In the same year I started to work for the club as breeding advisor. Eight years later, in 2018 I have become president of Czech Rhodesian Ridgeback Club (CKRR). My vision was to correct public view on our breed in Czech republic. To show them that ridgeback is not only fantastic companion dog, but versatile breed suitable for training, sport and various activities. To show them that ridgeback is not only dog with symmetrical ridge and little of white colour, but also dog perfectly balanced in all aspects, elegant and harmonic. 

I try to transfer that opinion about breed to my own breeding program and I am proud to say that so far I have bred many champions of many countries (Czech republic, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), as well as interchampions C.I.B., grandchampions and BIS winners under Qwandoya prefix. Qwandoya ridgebacks are very succesfull also in working field (nosework, obedience, dog dancing, agility) and what I am especially proud about - in canistherapy.

I have always liked shows and showing dogs. Mostly because shows are great place of observing dogs and meeting with friends and breeders.
I finished my judging licence in January 2020. I am looking forward to judging, that provides different poit of view on dogs than from handlers perspective. 

Milada Krchňavá

chovatelská stanice Luanda - www.lady-ridgeback.sk

I have been involved in Rhodesian Ridgebacks since 2002.
I am an active member of Slovakian Ridgebacks Breeders Club (SKCHR). In 2003, I began with my active work, writing articles about exterior, health, work with ridgebacks. Until today I wrote more than 40 articles concerning to health and rearing of dogs, exhibitions and activities with dogs, published in our club and canine media in the Slovak Republic. There is also my "sign" in some European publications - "The European Ridgeback" or American - "The Ridgeback Register" magazine.
Since 2006, I was the "Main breeding advisor" of SKCHR until end of 2009, when the head of club deleted this function. The club established a Breeding board, where I have been active member, and I have been also involved in breeding approval exam committee for the SKCHR. Since than I also act as a breeding controller to make litter statistics and quality notes of our breed in Slovakia.

In 2009 I established a local obedience and agility club and trained the dogs for 3 years.
2015 year brought some changes in or club and SKCHR members gave me their trust and voted for me to be back in function as "Main breeding advisor" and the head of Breeding board committee of SKCHR.

I think the breeders without education and no interest in current problems of breeding, hardly can meet the demands of keeping quality, balanced exterior and health of dogs. That is why I am very keen to create the conditions for the education of all those interested. Since 2007 I have been lecturing and organizing several seminars for breeders, with themes as: "RR Anatomy and Function", "Matting, Gravidity, Delivery", "Disorders and fertility in dogs" "Planning of breeding, stud dog, determination of optimal day for mating, mating, pregnancy, preparation for puppy delivery, birth of the puppies, mother and puppy care, litter control" "Standard vs. Anatomy and Movement of RR, Breeding Goal, Reading Pedigrees" and "Stud Dog".
November 2019 SKCHR awarded me for my work for the club, the breed presentation and breeding.
Past three years I and my colleague RNDr. I. Režuchová PhD. intensively working on the project for SKCHR, which we named ELBREED (ELectronic BREEDing system). The ELBREED legally collects information about the breeding, health tests and provides huge number of useful features for breeders, dog owners and the breeder's club. The big benefit of having this online system is simplify the communication between users and club. After full completion, the ELBREED will offer even more analytical tools for planning of breeding, such as dog pedigrees, trial pedigrees, the health statistics of breed, including health analyses of planned litters.
My first Rhodesian Ridgeback was female born 01.01.2002, imported from Czech Republic. With her I became addicted to the breed.In my opinion if you want to be a breeder of quality dogs, you must do your best: start from yourself with education, collecting knowledge from long-time experienced breeders and start with the best quality RR female possible. To keep this in my mind we imported home another RR female with African and Australian bloodlines, what were very interesting in 2003, unfortunately she passed away too early to start breeding on her. In 2005 we imported from Germany the RR female with pedigree of Australians, USA, and EU bloodlines. Her qualities were seen by many specialist judges and judges who rewarded her with best awards (C.I.B., BISS, EW, Multi Grand Ch and Multi Ch). 

She was the foundation bitch of Luanda kennel, and her qualities are still visible in her progeny. We breed for quality not for quantity. Since 2002 till 2020 we breed only 9 litters (72 puppies). 28 of them entered the show rings. As a result of not compromising on our kennel goals, we are proud of breeding and/or owning 21 Champions, including multiple Grand Champions and multiple International champions. We breed also World Winner´17, European Junior Winner´16, European Winner ´08, European res. BISS puppy ´08, and Best in Specialty winners. However, all our success aside, reflecting on our years, we are forever indebted to the breeders worldwide who saw the merit in our dogs and included them in their breeding programs, resulting in Luanda dogs appearing in champion Rhodesian Ridgeback pedigrees throughout the world. Today our present pack consists of 3 Rhodesian Ridgebacks females.

Judging experience
My first experience with judging Rhodesian Ridgebacks was in 2008. The RR Sport Club CZ, invited me to judge theirs Specialty Show, with the point system /without FCI titles/. 2015 year I was invited by RR Union Moscow to judge theirs IV. RR Specialty /with no FCI titles/.
In April 2018, I passed the FCI referee exams and became the FCI National Judge for the Rhodesian Ridgeback. Since then, I have accepted the invitations and had the honour to judge at: Specialty Club Show RR Club ELSA in Germany - 09/2018, International Dog Show in Bratislava -10/2018, Spring Club Show RR in Denmark - 03/2019, Slovakian Specialty RR Show - 05/2019, International dog show Nitra -12/2019. In 2020 I received very nice invitations to judge RR club specialities, but the pandemic situation "Covid -19´" stopped all plans to travel abroad. Currently I am working to expand my judge approbation also on other breeds: dalmatian dogs and beagle.

In my opinion in breeding and judging, the breed standard is alpha and omega. The close connection between the dog's anatomy and its functionality is "encoded" in its movement and in the following words of the RR standard (FCI No.146): overall appearance - " The Rhodesian Ridgeback should represent a well-balanced, strong, muscular, agile and active dog, symmetrical in outline, and capable of great endurance with a fair amount of speed. The emphasis is on agility, elegance and soundness with no tendency towards massiveness. The movement should be spacious, free and energetic."
Thus, the body structure corresponding to the description in the standard, the temperament of the dog as well as the overall impression are of great importance to me in the assessment of RR.